Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nativity '61

Whoa. That took a minute. I'm back.

I was sitting in the dark house yesterday afternoon listening to "Bitches Brew" while lightning flashed and thunder roared outside. It reminded me of what a mystical guru Teo Macero was, and that I hadn't yet sent him my spiritual thanks after his late February passing. Teo, nice work. I hope they've given you a solid gold razor and diamond splicing block over on the other side.

And then I thought about how Miles does thunder and lightning so well.

And then I started thinking about thunder. Why does it sound so ominous? Is there something minor in the harmonic makeup of thunder? Or is it because, historically, it has been a portent of tragedy to come?

So I was thinking all this stuff and a particularly loud clap of thunder snuck up and blew out my microphone.

Also on the Miles Davis tip: I spent some time the other night perusing Abdul Mati Klarwein's hallucinogenic little corner of the universe. He was on to something. Feeling free in 1961:

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