Sunday, March 16, 2008

White Overalls

Oh yes, I've been meaning to put this up here for weeks. I grabbed it off of Arthur Magazine's blog site.

Just when you thought YouTube couldn't get any crazier, that they'd found the every last clip of waterskiing squirrels and Argentinian gnomes, someone shows up to the party with a clip of NEU! playing "Hero" in 1974. Wow. I'd give something special for five more minutes of this performance.

Michael Rother is playing it cool as a cucumber there in the back, controlling that reel-to-reel tape machine delay. Klaus Dinger on the guitar and Thomas Dinger on the drums. I'm guessing that might be Hans Lampe on the other kit. Is this some kind of NEU!/La Dusseldorf hybrid?*

Speaking of Rother, I hear that the Water Record reissues of his solo records are officially out. I wrote the liner notes for "Sterntaler," and I'm pretty excited to see them in print.

*Note Klaus Dinger's demonstration of white overalls, La Dusseldorf's uniform of choice. Now don't you wish there was a picture of Klaus Dinger and Lowell George together?

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