Monday, March 3, 2008

We dream of the banish of bare trees and the return of green to our fair woods (seen above thru front windowpane). The daffodils are lately spearing up through the earth. Some are lemon yellow, and some are the color of butter. The gnomes watch over them. We plant our garden soon.

How cool the green hay
smells, carried in
through the farm gate
at sunrise!


Addendum: I've been digging mightily a record by Daddy Longlegs called "Oakdown Farm." It was originally released by the Vertigo label in 1971. The cover art is some Castle Dracula shit, and highly reminiscent of the photograph on the first Sabbath record. (Possible Hipgnosis connexion?) However, the music inside is far more good times than Sabbath, an American country boogie group relocated to the British countryside. They remind me in more ways than one of Eggs Over Easy, another American group playing Dr. Goodvibes boogie rock in England in the early 1970s.

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