Saturday, February 16, 2008

The other night, while celebrating my pal Brendan's 30th birthday, we drunkenly went on a Little Feat "Sailin' Shoes" vision quest. Little Feat, with Lowell George at the helm, are the tuffest. Such strutting. Tell me they don't play the motherfuck out of this thing.

Lowell George's father was a famous furrier who raised chinchillas and sold furs to Hollywood motion picture studios.

(((And here's Mr. George talking to the Topanga Messenger in 1979, not long before he passed on to the spirit world during a tour in support of his majestic solo album "Thanks I'll Eat It Here.")))


David said...
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David said...

my comment fits the category of

"rad, BUT...."

the sweater-tie-around-the-neck thing (?)

love the sweet deep groove.

amused by the sailing with the professor attire.

the black guy rules though.