Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Moonshine is the Sunshine

Today felt like SPRING. Abby and I cleared our garden space (perhaps 75' x 75'- quite large) of rocks, sticks, and roots as best we could, and then June came and plowed with his old tractor. It smelt good; new, upturned earth. Now there are more sticks and rocks to pick out of the dirt, and then we will begin to plant. Around midday, it became very windy. I run indoors and begin to record some musik. But this seeming arrival of spring brings to mind many poets, including RYOKAN, who said:

Spring has begun!
Jewels and precious gold everywhere!
Please come visit me!

He also said:

Tonight the plum trees reflect the silver moon;
both are in full bloom.
Entranced, I did not return home until evening.

Last nite was also nice; we had a BBQ in the leaf-strewn yard, and drank sake upon sake upon sake.

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