Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Howl On

I think I've stumbled upon the record that might soundtrack my spring and summer: Howlin' Rain's "Magnificent Fiend." Damn. There's something about the flag-like unfurling of the tunes that tug my heartstrings a little differently each time I hear them. No worries in the swinging Joe Cocker dirtbag jams, and that should be taken as the highest possible compliment. People have ventured into this territory before, but here we have something entirely different. Congas with confidence. As a person that spends so much time in the dusty bins of the past, it feels rich to encounter something contemporary that presents musik both familiar and utterly new. Right as Rain.

I think I might've seen an early gig by a different incarnation of these guys called something like Rusted Vultures? But this is a whole different bag.

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