Monday, May 26, 2008

Smithers, Jack, Martin, and I took a trip to the swamp this weekend. Merchant's Millpond is in Gates County, surrounded by broken mill towns and broad countryside. The swamp is a lovely fluorescent green this time of year. I prepped for our sojourn by reading some Alan Moore. I was on the hunt for a psychedelic yam.

We're now back on the grounds of Eaglewing Farm. I just fertilized the back garden. Steve Young's on the box.


standing in the thunder-pouring
heavy drops of water
-dusty summmer-
drinking beer just after driving
all the way around the
watershed of rivers

rocky slopes and bumpy cars
its a skinny awkward land
like a workt-out miner's hand
& how we love it
have some beer and rain,
stopping on our way,
in Allegheny

-Gary Snyder, 1972

Merchant's Millpond 22.5.08

Swamp Fox Martin (aka Our Lady Abigail of the Swamp) 22.5.08

Smithers and Jack 22.5.08

Merchant's Millpond 22.5.08

Swamp Thing/Clouds 22.5.08

Merchant's Millpond 22.5.08

Back garden 24.5.08

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nice pics.

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