Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is there anything more beautiful than a busted grape arbor in the spring?

In the last month, things have turned one centillian (that's a one followed by 103 zeros) different shades of green here on the grounds of Eaglewing Farm. Even more amazingly, vegetables have begun to grow; the lettuce, kale, arugula, beans, and onions are reaching their arms skyward, and June Sparrow's radishes are ready for picking.

We need a good radish recipe. Besides garnishing carnitas, what else can you do with them?

And yes, that is an authentic Irish Garden Gnome. He traveled here all the way from Dublin, and plays that horn like a motherfucker. I bought him for $20 in Liberty, NC, where they were also selling authentic NC BBQ under an authentic rebel flag.

On the turntable:: A SIGNED copy of Henry McCullough's "Mind Your Own Business" (courtesy of Hari Georgeson's Dark Horse record label). What a beautiful barleywine-soaked platter.

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Nate said...

Try an edamame and radish salad thusly:

1 bunch of radish, thinly sliced
shelled edamame (~16oz)
1/4 rice vinegar
1 cup chopped cilantro
a dash of salt and pepper

mix and grub