Friday, December 30, 2011

Wah-Wah Cowboys, Volume II

Hiss Gldn Mssr presents
Wah-Wah Cowboys, Volume II

00:00 "Making a Decision" :: Mississippi Charles Bevel
03:30 "Who Ya Tryin' To Fool?" :: Sand
08:47 "Don't Hold Your Breath" :: Ike Turner
12:22 "Tullahoma Dancing Pizza Man" :: Eddie Rabbitt
15:10 "I'm Sober Now" :: Danny O'Keefe
17:54 "Ride My Rainbow" :: McGuinness Flint
20:47 "Color Him Father" :: Linda Martell
23:26 "For Roach" :: Jimmie Spheeris
26:09 "Kiss the World Goodbye" :: J.J. Cale
27:55 "Smoke Rings" :: David Wiffen
31:49 "Darkness, Darkness" :: Phil Upchurch
34:23 "Red Dirt Boogie Brother" :: Jesse Ed Davis
38:06 "Another Season Song" :: Michael Chapman
41:28 "Look Around You" :: Danny Kirwan
44:34 "Yellow House" :: Kossoff, Kirke, Tetsu, & Rabbit
47:55 "Homesick Kid" :: Compton & Batteau

This was a hard year, but good. We made it.


dearg doom said...

Cracking mix Michael ... looking forward to seeing you play with Michael Chapman at the Band Room in a few months hoping it will be good as when you played with Will Tyler. Your beautiful vinyl Poor Moon is just class and does evoke the spirit of Ronnie Lane for me from his One for the Road era! Must be that home recording atmosphere!


djm said...

loving this. any chance for a re-up on volume 1?

jaoi77 said...

Brilliant mix! Is Part 1 still availabe somewhere/anywhere? I'm a recent "convert" to your music...any chance of gigs in the UK at some point?

Best wishes, and thank you,

Alan Moore said...

There hasn't been any posts lately... Hope there are a few more soon, Michael :)

Accendo Alan