Saturday, March 28, 2009

Boy Child

I fell off the map just for a moment.

I just spent a little while trolling the archives- perhaps having Elijah Lee here is the reason, a prod towards memory, construction of past and present, reckoning of mortality and all that- and this is what I came up with.

Ancient is such a strange concept. I once took guitar lessons from a guy that played in a jazzy, progressive world music group called Ancient Future. The neck of his guitar was scalloped so that he could play notes that don't even exist. He was pretty good and needed that many more notes, I guess. Good band name.

So these pictures feel ancient but they're not necessarily so. Unless you're an insect or a small boy child. Then they are.

I miss all of you and will see you soon. There are some egregious omissions here, and we hope to remedy that tout suite.

Rancho Tonto, AZ, 2ooo-something

Banana. Petaluma, CA. He used to play in The Youngbloods. His solo record Mid-Mountain Ranch is a humble masterpiece.

From Bisbee, AZ.


The Sunday Driver.

Lunch, Maine, 2007.

Snoc, Bob's Big Boy, 2007.

Dia de los Muertos, way back.


Country Hai East Cotton.



JK & Mom.




Babe in arms, yesterday, 2009.

In other news-and this I swear-Country Hai East Cotton is just about ready to go. Check that cover done by Nat Russell. And the Baldhead Growler wrote up something real to commemorate the voyage. 'Nother record currently in progress and coming up fast.


luluiswho said...

wow. such a sweet-faced little friend. can't wait to meet him. hope you guys are good! xoxo

luluiswho said...

p.s. this is such a lovely post. fills my heart with such love. xoxo

grambini said...

that lobsta roll looks tasty right now...