Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hoy! Hoy!

Lulu recently reminded me that a new mix was long overdue; thus-- Hoy! Hoy! The majority of these rockers are Crescent City born and razed; a number of them, however, hail from points semi-North and Delta South. No matter. All of these selections lay deep in the cut and share an obsession with: being fat; being wasted and lovelorn; Olive Oil; quietude; beatific asses; mercy and redemption; kidnapping; God; and good times. Forgive the sloppy curation. My chronology is skewed; many discursive moves are made. But these songs are powerful and magical, and may bring a tear to your eye. Lubricate your mind, turn your radio on, and shout:

And remember one thing: We- Big Mama Martin, Slim Diamond, and Peanut- love you and think of you all the time.

01 Let The Good Times Roll :: Shirley & Lee
02 It Will Stand :: The Showmen
03 Kidnapper :: Jewel & The Rubies
04 Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta :: Ernie K-Doe
05 I Done Got Over It :: Irma Thomas
06 Don't You Know Yockomo :: Huey 'Piano' Smith & His Clowns
07 Tee-Nah Nah :: Smiley Lewis
08 Ooh Poo Pah Doo :: Jessie Hill
09 I'm Shakin' :: Little Willie John
10 It Hurts Me To My Heart :: Bobby Marchan
11 Something You Got :: Chris Kenner
12 Shotgun Wedding :: Roy C
13 Keeper Of My Heart :: Faye Adams
14 Searching For Olive Oil :: The Senors
15 Thank You John :: Willie Tee
16 Let's Live :: Aaron Neville
17 Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee :: Stick McGhee
18 The Fat Man :: Fats Domino
19 Fat Boy :: Billy Stewart
20 A Quiet Place :: Garnett Mimms & The Enchanters
21 Barefootin' :: Robert Parker
22 Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You? :: Chuck Willis
23 I Know :: Barbara George
24 Heavenly Baby :: Allen & Allen
25 I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday :: Bobby Mitchell
26 39-21-40 Shape :: The Showmen
27 Ruler Of My Heart :: Irma Thomas
28 I Got Loaded :: Lil Bob & The Lollipops
29 I Hear You Knockin' :: Smiley Lewis
30 Over You :: Aaron Neville
31 I Need Somebody :: Roy C
32 Mercy, Mercy :: Don Covay
33 She Shot A Hole In My Soul :: Clifford Curry
34 I've Got Puredee :: Mel & Tim
35 Talking About My Baby :: The Impressions
36 Gossip :: Cyril Neville
37 Night People :: Lee Dorsey
38 Caught You In The Act :: Mel & Tim
39 Goin' Down :: Allen Toussaint
40 Fool For You :: The Impressions
41 Lady Marmalade :: LaBelle

*Incidentally, this is a huge file, and will take a while to download. Get it set up and go bake some bread or something. If you're more of a Rapidshare head, you can try here.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eaglewing Supper Club

Good buds::

On Sunday, December 14th, Eaglewing Farm will be hosting an early evening indoor concert with some heavy dudes (and I believe at least one heavy dudess)- Marpessa Dawn and D. Charles Speer.

Marpessa Dawn is our mystery man of the woods. We here at Eaglewing owe him a great debt; he hipped us to this place long ago. He hails from points north, but now calls this bucolic parish home. Check his wine-spo-dee-o-dee stylistics at 7 PM sharp.

D. Charles Speer is a member of Harlem's NNCK (aka No-Neck Blues Band), and also leads the sublime D. Charles Speer & The Helix, whose recent album After Hours kills but good. I mean, he does it proper- dude even versions "Single Again" and "Drink Up and Go Home"- and very important people are digging his vibrations. Look it up. He'll be performing a stripped-down show with his partner in crime as Key Demo at 8 PM.

Since this is a Sunday, we're gonna do this early. If you're interested (and I hope you are), please join us at about 6 PM for some refreshments (and feel free to bring dinner along). Show starts promptly at 7 PM, and will likely be over by 9 PM. All are welcome; tell a friend. Donations are encouraged.

Directions to Eaglewing Farm

Take the 15/501 South towards Pittsboro.
Go left on Mt. Carmel Church Road immediately after crossing the James Taylor Bridge.
Go roughly two miles, and make a right on Clearwater Lake Road.
Make your first right down the long gravel driveway; Eaglewing Farm is the first house on the left.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Feeling Reserved

Jeff showed me these. Serious business. Definitely watch that middle one (click on the blank space and it'll take you to the clip on Nativetube).

Monday, December 1, 2008

These three albums utterly wrecked me. I'm almost certain that Change Today was the first tape I ever bought after hearing it in an Alva video. As I write my final, rambling paper, they are all that matter. They are super classic.

There's blood on the streets again today
All the people dying, what a price we have to pay
Around the world they're fighting, it's not that far away
Feel the darkness, can we change our ways?

We live in the American zone
Free of fear in our American homes

Swimming pool and a digital phone
But what do we say when Johnny comes home?

You know Johnny just got back from war today
Beirut weekend, a powder keg
He was 20 years old and he lost both of his legs
We're all real sorry today

We live in the American zone
Free of fear in our American homes
Swimming pool and a digital phone
But what do we say when Johnny comes home?

What do we say?
What do we say?
When Johnny comes home and he's lost his legs?
What do we say?
What do we say?
American, American, American, yeah. We live in an American, American, American, American-
and you don't know what to say when you see your brother with no legs
He said oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh oh no