Sunday, December 21, 2008

Hoy! Hoy!

Lulu recently reminded me that a new mix was long overdue; thus-- Hoy! Hoy! The majority of these rockers are Crescent City born and razed; a number of them, however, hail from points semi-North and Delta South. No matter. All of these selections lay deep in the cut and share an obsession with: being fat; being wasted and lovelorn; Olive Oil; quietude; beatific asses; mercy and redemption; kidnapping; God; and good times. Forgive the sloppy curation. My chronology is skewed; many discursive moves are made. But these songs are powerful and magical, and may bring a tear to your eye. Lubricate your mind, turn your radio on, and shout:

And remember one thing: We- Big Mama Martin, Slim Diamond, and Peanut- love you and think of you all the time.

01 Let The Good Times Roll :: Shirley & Lee
02 It Will Stand :: The Showmen
03 Kidnapper :: Jewel & The Rubies
04 Te-Ta-Te-Ta-Ta :: Ernie K-Doe
05 I Done Got Over It :: Irma Thomas
06 Don't You Know Yockomo :: Huey 'Piano' Smith & His Clowns
07 Tee-Nah Nah :: Smiley Lewis
08 Ooh Poo Pah Doo :: Jessie Hill
09 I'm Shakin' :: Little Willie John
10 It Hurts Me To My Heart :: Bobby Marchan
11 Something You Got :: Chris Kenner
12 Shotgun Wedding :: Roy C
13 Keeper Of My Heart :: Faye Adams
14 Searching For Olive Oil :: The Senors
15 Thank You John :: Willie Tee
16 Let's Live :: Aaron Neville
17 Drinkin' Wine Spo-Dee-O-Dee :: Stick McGhee
18 The Fat Man :: Fats Domino
19 Fat Boy :: Billy Stewart
20 A Quiet Place :: Garnett Mimms & The Enchanters
21 Barefootin' :: Robert Parker
22 Whatcha Gonna Do When Your Baby Leaves You? :: Chuck Willis
23 I Know :: Barbara George
24 Heavenly Baby :: Allen & Allen
25 I'm Gonna Be A Wheel Someday :: Bobby Mitchell
26 39-21-40 Shape :: The Showmen
27 Ruler Of My Heart :: Irma Thomas
28 I Got Loaded :: Lil Bob & The Lollipops
29 I Hear You Knockin' :: Smiley Lewis
30 Over You :: Aaron Neville
31 I Need Somebody :: Roy C
32 Mercy, Mercy :: Don Covay
33 She Shot A Hole In My Soul :: Clifford Curry
34 I've Got Puredee :: Mel & Tim
35 Talking About My Baby :: The Impressions
36 Gossip :: Cyril Neville
37 Night People :: Lee Dorsey
38 Caught You In The Act :: Mel & Tim
39 Goin' Down :: Allen Toussaint
40 Fool For You :: The Impressions
41 Lady Marmalade :: LaBelle

*Incidentally, this is a huge file, and will take a while to download. Get it set up and go bake some bread or something. If you're more of a Rapidshare head, you can try here.