Saturday, August 16, 2008

It's been a Rainbow Stew kind of morning. John Hofer turned me on to that Hag record- Rainbow Stew- and told me that it was one of his favorites. It's a wonderful album, recorded live at Anaheim Stadium in 1980; the Hag is not giving a shit and the drummer is on quaaludes. It's the perfect album for reminiscing.

So this morning, I'm reminiscing about the recent sojourn that the Hiss Golden Messenger family took northwards. I'm a horrible documentarian: There were virtually no usable pictures of friends or family. But you'll get the general idea.

Much love and many thanks to Julian and Juliette, Linda, Scott and Emily, Terry, Michael Talbott, Abby, Meg, Pat, Nadia, the Endless Boogie crew, Brendan and Samantha, Chris, Lex and Will, the Bovina Connexion, Max at the Brickbat, the Golden West Cafe, Television Hill, and The Agrarians in Baltimore, and everyone else we encountered along the way.

I love Suicidal Tendencies; this is my bid to get Mike Muir out here.

Welch beshirted juggler.

Brendan and Samantha size things up.

Jay and June Sparrow; June brought down a big jar of moonshine, and the low country boil (below), and instantly became the most popular guy at the party. He was walking around like he owned the place. Actually, he does own the place.

Hem of His Garment. All natural.

The end of the beginning of the end of the road.

Philadelphia Turnaround, 4 AM, following a heavy session of Gary Stewart, Hillbilly Martinis (Bacardi over ice with a slice of lemon), and tokes with soul brother Chris Smith. We almost cried.

HGM via Brooklyn; Lathan Hardy pulls a Chris Wood. Yair Evnine was in the band too. Killing it.

Eamon Ore-Giron on the rise.


Garden gnome

Alexa and Will's Bushwick greenspace

Juliette in the kitchen, Bovina, NY. Lulu on the left.

Julian and Juliette

We got our music festival started in the barn, and it was grand. Tandy, the Family Band, The Disciples of Agriculture, Michael Talbott & The Wolfkings, Meg Baird, Hiss Golden Messenger, P.G. Six, and Endless Boogie played. It went all day and through the night.

The Heavenly Chorus.

P.G. Six on fire.

At a certain point, it didn't matter if we used the flash or not. Endless Boogie took us to the zone. Paul Major proposed to his girlfriend over the mic during the first song. She went apeshit, and we all lost control. Jesper Eklow took off his guitar and watched his own band for a while. Meta. Hirsch dubbed the vocals Tubby-style. Then we went for a swim and had a bonfire.

Then we drove home.

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